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Depression to Anxiety to Erectile Dysfunction…Are Americans Manipulated to Just ‘Take a Pill’? Doctor of Psychology Finds Biblical Solutions A Life-Changing Alternative to Medication

SAN DIEGO, Calif.-July 10, 2010 – “You can’t watch ten minutes of TV without being bombarded by constant reminders of how much better your life would be with the right pill, tablet, capsule or liquid gel cap,” said noted doctor of psychology and author Dr. Greg Cynaumon. “Between depression, anxiety, erectile dysfunction, and swollen nasal passages, if you didn’t think you needed meds before, you probably do now. Is it any wonder that about 60% of us take some prescription each day? Look, I’m not jumping on pharmaceuticals; I’ve seen how beneficial the right medication is for patients. I’m just saying I’ve seen amazing results by introducing a simple, Biblically-based alternative to passing the prescription pad.”

Best-known for his teachings in the field of psychology, dream analysis, and parenting; Dr. Greg Cynaumon has introduced a new, Biblically-based program aimed at providing a fast-acting consideration for people struggling with depression, anxiety, stress and chronic unhappiness.

“Look, everyone who suffers from anxiety, depression, stress, sleeplessness – you name it, shares one significant commonality; chronic unhappiness. What’s life changing is that, once you reintroduce people to a clear path to happiness – a path clearly taught through scriptures, other emotional problems clear up. Virtually everyone wishes they were happier and discovering the bible’s secrets to happiness is the path to a better, healthier, and more fulfilling life. Years of research have revealed that the bible is the perfect blueprint to happiness and it’s that what you’ll find inside Unlocking The Bible’s Secrets to Happiness.

According to Dr. Greg Cynaumon, “Life has a way of beating happiness out of us. We lose our way and forget what it takes to be happy again. Yesterday’s hurts, regrets and failings combine with tomorrow’s worries and stress over money, work, marriages, and families to the point that happiness seems unattainable.”

Unlocking The Bible’s Secrets to Happiness reveals 6 biblical secrets that can bring people instant happiness and lasting peace? In fact, Dr. Cynaumon reports that people who have used this program report a sizable and significant elevation in mood, far less stress and worry, better health, happier relationships, better concentration, and improved sleep.

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