Listen to Dr. Greg talk about the link between living longer and the Bible.

The Connection Between Happiness and Health

Happy People Live Longer and Healthier Lives

The study concluded: People who struggle with stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, anger and negativity have more cancer, stroke, and heart disease and die an average of nine years younger.


Ever wonder why you catch a cold or the flu when you're run-down or stressed-out? It's because stress, anxiety and depression compromise our body's immune system. Now imagine living longer periods feeling completely stressed, sleepless, overwhelmed, worried, depressed – and basically unhappy. It's not difficult to see how the study linked these emotional challenges with disease and premature death.

6 Secrets to Living Longer, Healthier and Happier!

In this groundbreaking program, Dr. Cynaumon provides 6 Biblically-based lessons that neutralize the problems that lead to our unhappiness. You'll learn:

  • How to stop worrying and stressing over problems and how to solve them quickly.
  • How to stop trying to control what isn't yours to control.
  • How to let go of past hurts and regrets and to stop dragging them with you.
  • How to live in the moment – which is all we have any control over.
  • How to reprioritize your life and focus on the things that are most important.
  • How to identify and use your gifts and talents and to learn why God put you here.

Described by doctors and clergy as the precise point where medicine, psychology and theology meet, this program will change your life - guaranteed.

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Tracy - San Diego, CA

"I used to wonder why I got sick when I was stressed out! I get it now and I fully buy into the theory that happy and positive people of faith live longer and healthier lives."

- Tracy
San Diego, CA

Dana - San Diego, CA

"Stress at work, money worries and family stuff had zapped my happiness. This program helped me discover what's most important in life. I'm happier than I've been in years and I have to admit, my health has improved."

- Dana
San Diego, CA

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2010 EVI Award - Best New Product & 2010 ICSA Award - Best Resources

"Life changing! Best new program of the year! These 6 DVD's are the Bible's answer to prescriptions and counseling. This is where psychology and the Bible line up."